Privacy Policy

The integral part of the terms & conditions section is privacy policies. Privacy policies are all about the methods and techniques utilized to collect the data for availing our services and other miscellaneous security features.

Data collection methods

To provide effective support services, we are collecting the basic user data from the customer end. Through chat and call methods, we are collecting this data. Under significant situations only, we are supposed to collect the location data of the user. The card details are collected only for the payment transaction for the services we offer. The basic info of the user includes name, email ID, mobile number and address, etc.

We hold the prime responsibility to safeguard the data that we have collected from the user side. We assure you that none of the users’ data is shared with any third parties in any cases. To proceed with any legal steps only, we will hand over the data to the legal authorities. By using our website or its service, you hereby give consent to the policies mentioned herein.

User responsibility

The users of our website have also responsibilities to protect their data from any misuse. We advise our users not to follow any third-party data published on our website. If you are following that data and facing any issues, we are not responsible for that issue as user discretion is advised at all times.


We hold all the rights to terminate the website’s services for any user if any illegal response is faced from the user end. Based on the user response, we will take the legal actions to overcome the issue.


Cookies are enabled on our website with the intention to enhance the communication and services with the customer end. Enabling and disabling the cookies are totally the user’s wish. But we recommend our users to turn on the cookies to get necessary timely updates on our website and to get connected with our regular support information.