TV is turning out to be a whole new experience today, right from streaming a few hours of black and white images to continuous 24 /7 color videos, television is both entertaining and educational with the advent of HD images and most of all the internet. Even as video players and boxes were revolutionizing the way we viewed movies, cable TV changed that with shared connectivity. Now, the streaming device industry has set foot in this domain to get a piece of its own pie through These are some of the most appealing features and attributes that Pluto TV aims to bring back to the audience.

About Pluto TV’s Features

Pluto TV lets viewers, access on-demand content as well as channel content

Pluto TV is always best and offers both streaming service or cable/satellite option

Watch entertaining cable TV shows from top channel networks such as Netflix, Hulu and lot more

Its good to select the cable streaming option if you have too many choices


  • An iPhone or Android device, Roku player, Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick
  • All of these enable the app and start obtaining great content
  • You can also access it on your web browser
  • They also have an app that you can download right on to your computer
  • This way you don’t even have to use your web browser
  • But for those who are trying to find it, you can simply Google it

Channel lineup and others

  • The moment you click on Pluto TV’s link, it will take you right into their content
  • They do a great job in terms of their news channels, they also have movies and different sports options
  • In particular, there is a channel called Stadium that has wonderful sports content
  • On the entertainment side of things, there are some old contents such as Classic TV shows and cartoons that are rather interesting
  • There are also some music channels for music lovers and science and documentaries for education

The News

  • At the beginning of the lineup, you will have the movie channels and when you scroll down you get to News
  • The News channels are curated really nicely with different feeds taken from the internet and putting them all into one spot so you can choose what you want
  • For ardent fans of free streaming content, on the internet, a lot of these different streams should be somewhat familiar but you can still get all of them in one place on Pluto TV


  • After the News, go down and you can see the Sports channels via
  • Once again, Stadium is a really good channel that brings you modern day sporting inclusive of live games, extensive highlights, events and original programming
  • There are also other niche sports areas such as poker and mixed martial arts’ channels such as Fight
  • Even really small conferences and college athletics are featured

Short Videos

  • As you scroll down, you get more of the YouTube-type of shows and short videos that are bundled into one
  • There are different things, like funny videos, tech videos, videos on gaming, etc besides the Anime channel that you can check out if you are a fan
  • There is also content that features electronic music, nature videos and simply 4K TV all of which are really relaxing

Entertainment Section

  • The Entertainment section is another area where you can find some things that might be quite interesting
  • On the Crime Network, you can find some shows based on crime
  • Classic TV features some of the biggest shows from olden times
  • You can also find Kids TV and After School Cartoons, Classic Toons TV and much more
  • These are all full-length programming that you can watch

Lifestyle and others

  • The lifestyle section contains a lot of programming on people and food. It mirrors food networks such as TLC, Entertainment TV
  • Adventure TV takes the viewers to the destinations that are
  • Science TV, Docu TV and NASA TV are well known for the Educational programs
  • Get the best music channels to listen to your favorite Music beats
  • Apart from these there are other entertaining collections too

The App Experience

When you go through the channel, it looks more like the traditional TV Guide. Here, you can also see exactly what time it is and what is going to be on your feed at the time on different channels. You can also sign up for a Pluto TV account with While this action is not mandatory, when you sign up, you can personalize channel viewing even more. Create a favorite channels’ section or hide channels that you don’t necessarily want to watch. For a focused experience on the things that you are interested in, particularly, create an account

Activation on Roku

  • While Pluto TV has been showing up regularly in various formats, it is also available on the Roku. You can add it with the help off Roku.
  • You just have to go to ‘Search’ and you will get your virtual keypad. Here, use your remote to type in ‘P-L-U-T-O’.  Click on it as it appears (use the right arrow) and then press ‘Ok’ to add the channel and then exit.
  • You will notice that anything new you add to Roku is always going to go to the bottom of the screen. So the easiest way to select it to go to the Home screen and press the ‘Up’ arrow and then ‘Ok’ to open it.
  • From here on the channel provides you with an explanation of how to get things started. This is extremely helpful for beginners. Overall, it might take around 30 seconds to load and then you get a nice grid that lists out all the timings and channels for you.

Activate Pluto TV on Apple TV

  • To activate Pluto TV on Apple TV, just install the Pluto TV – Live TV and movies app
  • Once the installation is complete, you can move forward with the channel activation
  • Visit the channel 02 on your Apple TV and note the activation code that displays onscreen
  • After acquiring the code, visit and furnish the code on the website to complete the channel activation code
  • Tag along with the directives that appear onscreen until the channel is activated successfully

Pluto TV on firestick

  • If you own a Firestick, here is how you activate Pluto TV on Firestick and start streaming some of the top shows. Launch the Pluto TV app on Firestick and click Activate to acquire the channel activation. The screen will show a six-digit code which you have to enter it on the Pluto TV website
  • Visit Channel 02 on the guide or click Activate on the left side of the guide. If you are already signed in, just click MyPluto on your mobile and then, click Activate
  • Finally, furnish the Pluto TV activation code and follow the onscreen directives. For users who don’t own an account can visit Pluto.Tv/activate and follow prompts
  • If the code expires or your television screen displays error, just get a new code by opening the channel again. Unpairing is also possible when it comes to Pluto TV and you just have to click MyPluto > Activate > Select Device > Tap ‘X’ to remove it

Pluto TV on Chromecast

Setting up Pluto TV on Chromecast is way too easy. Just make use of the guidelines below to activate the channel in minutes and start streaming your favorites without any hindrance.

Using the Chrome browser

Launch Chrome browser and click More option which is available in the top right corner. Now click the Cast option and you will get to view the list of devices available to connect. You have to choose the Chromecast device and confirm the selection by clicking Ok

Using Mobile device

The very first step is to install the Pluto TV app from Google Play Store and then, move forward with the activation process. After the installation, just launch the Pluto TV app on your mobile device. Click the Cast icon available in the top-right corner when you are viewing the particular content. Now it’s time to select Chromecast from the list of available devices


Pluto TV is free and worth trying out. If you have a bunch of premium content that you do not want to pay for and you are now looking for alternatives, then Pluto TV is the best for you with the activation step There is enough content in here that you might want to choose and get by without paying that monthly bill.


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